Swimming Pool / Spa / Hot Tub

Construction of a structure or vessel that contains over 24 inches in depth of water shall requires swimming pool/spa/hot tub permit. This includes in-ground swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. Electrical or plumbing construction work in conjunction with swimming pool/spa/hot tub does not requires separate permit(s).

All swimming pools shall be surrounded by a fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate. The top of the fence shall be at least 48 inches above grade and shall meet all other applicable requirements for pool fences.

A swimming pool/spa/hot tub shall be located within the side or rear yard. No portion of a pool or pool deck may be within drainage or utility easements.  The water's edge of an in-ground pool or spa must be setback at least 5 feet from the foundation of a home, building or other structure.  If any portion of a swimming pool/spa/hot tub and/or pool deck is located within 5 feet of side or rear property lines, an engineered grading plan is required with the permit application.

A health permit is required for any swimming pool/spa/hot tub open to the public (multifamily, nonresidential, etc.)

Submittal Requirements: (See swimming pool/spa/hot tub permit application for details)

  • Swimming Pool/Spa/Hot Tub Permit Application
  • Construction plans
  • Plot plan
  • Drainage plan (prepared by registered engineer if located within 10 feet of property line)
  • Contractor Registration
  • Fee: $300 for single-family and two-family; $500 for multifamily and nonresidential
  • HOA approval letter (for swimming pool/spa/hot tubs on residential lots within a neighborhood with a homeowners association)
Submittal Method: Swimming pool/spa/hot tub permit application and payment must be submitted in person by contractor.