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Limb and Brush Pickup Request

  1. On the first Tuesday of each month, the City has contracted with a tree service company to pick up limbs and brush on a “Call –In” service. The guidelines are as follows: Brush shall be placed at the street in front of the house requesting the pickup. Branches and limbs may not be longer than six (6) feet in length by twenty-four (24) inches in diameter, and all cut ends of branches should be facing the street. Material that will NOT be picked up is: NO trash, NO metal, NO fence material, and NO leaf piles or bags of leaves. Limbs and brush must be accessible. No cars or obstructions should inhibit access to materials. If you would like to be added to the list to have limbs and brush picked up, please complete and submit form below before the last Tuesday of the month (1 week before pickup).

  2. This information is especially helpful for residences located on corner lots.

  3. Acknowledgment*

    By checking this box and requesting pickup of brush and limbs, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the rules and guidelines. I also understand and acknowledge that limbs and brush that are not compliant with the rules and guidelines will not be picked up.

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